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Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the public beta?

We appreciate your interest in our beta program. Everyone is invited to sign up the free beta via

Can I run Timeplus in our own cloud VPC or on-prem?

In this initial phase of the public beta, we only provide AWS-based fully-managed testing environment for you. Please contact us with your requirements.

How much data I can load into Timeplus?

During the beta, the total storage for each workspace is 50GB by default. Please contact us if you need to load or keep more data during the beta test.

Can I invite other members to my workspace?

We are actively working on the team collaboration features and fine-grained access control. Please contact us via to try this experimental feature.

What's the SLA and can I run production load?

We don't recommend the beta users to run production work load during the beta. Stay tuned for our official product releases.