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Timeplus Enterprise

Timeplus Enterprise is self-managed, easy-to-deploy. It runs and scales everywhere, from edge to your data center. It's ideal for enterprise users with flexible deployment needs with advanced configurations needs.

Timeplus Enterprise shares many features as Timeplus Cloud. Comparing to Timeplus Proton, you can do more with Timeplus Enterprise, e.g.

  • Multi-node cluster for high availability and horizontal scalability
  • Kubernetes Helm Chart
  • Logs/metrics/alerts with Timeplus or LGTM Grafana stack
  • Auth0 or Keycloak based Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Timeplus Web Console with SQL IDE, Dashboards, Alerts, Data Lineage
  • Extra data sources and destinations, such as NATS, WebSocket, Apache Pulsar
  • Advanced configuration and tuning, e.g. tier-storage, KV streams, etc.
  • Enterprise level training and support.

Contact us to get more details or schedule a demo.