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Timeplus Enterprise

Timeplus is a simple, powerful, and cost-efficient stream processing platform. It's available as a fully-managed cloud service, or self-managed deployment.

Compared to Timeplus Proton, Timeplus Enterprise offers expanded capabilities and functionalities, such as:

  • Multi-node cluster for high availability and horizontal scalability
  • Kubernetes Helm Chart
  • Logs/metrics/alerts with Timeplus or LGTM Grafana stack
  • Built-in user management
  • Timeplus Web Console with SQL IDE, dashboards, alerts, data lineage, etc.
  • Extra data sources and destinations, such as NATS, WebSocket, and Slack
  • Advanced configuration and tuning, e.g. tier-storage, KV streams, etc.
  • Enterprise level training and support

Contact us for more details or schedule a demo.