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Timeplus is a simple, powerful, and cost-efficient stream processing platform. It's available in different ways:

  • Timeplus Proton, the core engine open-sourced at GitHub under Apache 2.0 License. It is a fast and lightweight streaming SQL engine.
  • Timeplus Enterprise is the production-ready commercial product, with 2 deployment options:
    • Cloud: a fully-managed unified platform streaming and historical data processing.
    • Self-hosted: Same feature sets as Timeplus Cloud. Runs and scales everywhere, from edge to your data center.

Timeplus provides powerful end-to-end capabilities to help data teams process streaming and historical data quickly and intuitively, accessible for organizations of all sizes and industries. It enables data engineers and platform engineers to unlock streaming data value using SQL.

The Timeplus Console allows for easy connection to diverse data sources (such as Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud, Redpanda, NATS, Web Socket/SSE, CSV file upload, and more), explore streaming patterns via SQL queries, send real-time insights and alerts to other systems or individuals, and create dashboards and visualizations.

Still curious about why to use Timeplus? Check out the showcases to see how Timeplus customers use our unified streaming and historical processing platform.

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Follow along with step-by-step instructions for creating a Timeplus Cloud account and loading sample IoT, user login, or DevOps data.

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