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Getting Help

If you have questions or get stuck, we are happy to help.

Community Slack

Join our community Slack to chat with our Timeplus team and other users.

Slack is a great place to ask questions, provide feedback, tell us what features you’d like to see, and learn more about using Timeplus.

  • #general channel for almost anything about Timeplus
  • #proton for discussions about Timeplus core engine: Proton
  • #introduce-yourself to share your use cases, background, or interests

GitHub Discussions and Issues

For Timeplus core engine (Proton), you can also raise your questions on, or report bugs or submit PR on

Enterprise Support

Customers of Timeplus Cloud or Timeplus Enterprise can additionally open support tickets by emailing

Timeplus Cloud Status Page

Customers of Timeplus Cloud can subscribe to the updates on to monitor the service health status and get updates for outage or maintenance.