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Streaming JOIN

  1. This tutorial is mainly for Timeplus Proton users. For Timeplus Cloud users, please check the guide for connecting Timeplus with Confluent Cloud with web UI. SQL in this guide can be ran both in Timeplus Proton and Timeplus Cloud/Enterprise.
  2. Check the previous tutorial to setup the sample data.

In the owlshop-customers topic, there are a list of customers with the following metadata

  • id
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • gender
  • email

In the owlshop-addresses topic, it contains the detailed address for each customer

  • street, state, city, zip
  • firstName, lastName

You can create a streaming JOIN to validate the data in these 2 topics matches to each other.

CREATE EXTERNAL STREAM customers(raw string)
SETTINGS type='kafka',

CREATE EXTERNAL STREAM addresses(raw string)
SETTINGS type='kafka',

WITH parsed_customer AS (SELECT raw:id as id, raw:firstName||' '||raw:lastName as name,
raw:gender as gender FROM customers SETTINGS seek_to='earliest'),
parsed_addr AS (SELECT as id, raw:street||' '||raw:city as addr,
raw:firstName||' '||raw:lastName as name FROM addresses SETTINGS seek_to='earliest')
SELECT * FROM parsed_customer JOIN parsed_addr USING(id);


  • Two CTE are defined to parse the JSON attribute as columns
  • SETTINGS seek_to='earliest' is the special settings to fetch earliest data from the Kafka topic
  • USING(id) is same as ON
  • Check JOIN for more options to join dynamic and static data

By default, proton-client is started in single line and single query mode. To run multiple query statements together, start with the -n parameters, i.e. docker exec -it proton-container-name proton-client -n