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SQL Functions

Timeplus supports ANSI-SQL standard syntax. The following functions are provided for various use cases. Most of the functions in ClickHouse are available in Timeplus, with different naming conventions (for example array_join instead of arrayJoin). New functions are added for streaming processing. Please contact us if you need more functions.


Please note, in Timeplus Proton 1.3.27 or the earlier versions, SQL functions were case-sensitive and always in lower-case. Since 1.3.28, function names are case-insensitive. For example count, COUNT and Count work in the same way. SQL Keywords such as SELECT or FROM are case-insensitive too. In the rest of the documentation, we use function names in lower case for demonstration.

Type Conversion

Arrays, Maps, Tuples

Process Data and Time

Process URL

Process JSON

Process Text



Logic (if, multi_if)



Geo Location

Streaming Processing