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Cluster Install

Timeplus Enterprise can be installed in multi-node cluster mode for high availability and horizontal scalability.

Both bare metal and Kubernetes are supported.

Bare Metal Install

Follow the guide in Single Node Install to grab the bare metal package and install on each node.

Next, update the config.yml file to connect the nodes together:

# cluster id this node belongs to. Only nodes in the same cluster id can form a cluster
cluster_id: timeplus_cluster
role: #Supported roles : Metadata, Data, Ingest, Query.`Data` role contains both `Ingest and Query` roles
- Metadata
- Data
metadata_node_quorum: localhost:8464

For more details about the server configuration, please contact support or message us in our Slack Community.

Kubernetes Install

You can also deploy Timeplus Enterprise on a Kubernetes cluster with Helm.


  • Ensure you have Helm 3.12 + installed in your environment. For details about how to install Helm, see the Helm documentation
  • Ensure you have Kubernetes 1.25 or higher installed in your environment
  • Ensure you have allocated enough resources for the deployment

Deploy Timeplus Enterprise with Helm

Follow the guide to deploy Timeplus Enterprise on Kubernetes with Helm.

License Management

To activate or add new a license, please follow our guide.