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Timeplus Cloud

The quickest and easiest way to get started with Timeplus to sign up a free account at the fully-managed Timeplus Cloud.

Timeplus Core (Proton)

As a single binary

curl | sh

Once the proton binary is available, you can run Timeplus Proton in different modes:

  • Local Mode. You run proton local to start it for fast processing on local and remote files using SQL without having to install a full server
  • Config-less Mode. You run proton server to start the server and put the config/logs/data in the current folder. Then use proton client -h in the other terminal to start the SQL client.
  • Server Mode. You run sudo proton install to install the server in predefined path and a default configuration file. Then you can run sudo proton server -C/etc/proton-server/config.yaml to start the server and use proton client in the other terminal to start the SQL client.

For Mac users, you can also use Homebrew to manage the install/upgrade/uninstall:

brew tap timeplus-io/timeplus
brew install proton

As a Docker container

docker run -d --pull always --name proton

In case you cannot access ghcr, you can pull the image from

You may need to expose ports from the Proton container so that other tools can connect to it, such as DBeaver. Please check Server Ports for each port to expose. For example:

docker run -d --pull always -p 8123:8123 -p 8463:8463 --name proton

Docker Compose

The Docker Compose stack demonstrates how to read/write data in Kafka/Redpanda with external streams.


Running the single node Proton via Kubernetes is possible. We recommend you contact us to deploy Timeplus Enterprise for on-prem deployment.

Timeplus Enterprise

Customers of Timeplus Enterprise can install Timeplus with high availability and scalability using the official Timeplus Kubernetes Helm Chart. Contact us to learn more.